Construction of a new large power substation has commenced in the northern city of Khujand.  It will be the fifth power substation in the city.

Sughd Governor Rajabboy Ahmadzoda, Minister of Health Nasim Olimzoda, Barqi Tojik Deputy Head Gholibsho Ubaidllozoda and Khujand Mayor Marouf Muhammadzoda attended the groundbreaking ceremony for construction of the substation (Temurmalik) 110/10 kV that took place on July 19. 

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has reported allocated €4 million for construction of this substation.  The Temurmalik substation will be built during 18 months and will be introduced into operation in September 2019.

This substation is part of the Sugd Energy Loss Reduction Project (SUGD).  The purpose of the Project is to assist in a) the supply and installation of electricity retail and grid meters, meter reading system, low voltage equipment meters with ancillary equipment and all necessary maintenance equipment to allow demand side management; b) the reduction of distribution network losses; c) the improvement of quality of supply; and d) the increase of energy efficiency.  Total Project value is approximately €22 million (excluding VAT).

The SUGD Extension Project (the Project) includes the construction of a new substation (Temurmalik) 110/10 kV.  It also includes the connection by a 2.5 km /110 kV OHL Double Circuit to another substation and ancillary equipment.