Tajikistan increased power exports to neighboring Uzbekistan from the second half of the year.

Thus, Tajikistan supplied 417 million kWh of electricity to Uzbekistan in July, while before that Tajikistan was supplying 110-120 kWh of electricity to Uzbekistan monthly, reads Tajikistan Monitoring and Early Warning Report for August 2018. 

Tajikistan is expected to supply no less than 1.5 billion kWh of electricity to Uzbekistan per year.

According to agreements reached between the two countries, in summer period, Tajikistan will supply electricity to Uzbekistan at the rate of 2 cents per one kWh of electricity, and in winter period, the price for one kWh of Tajik electricity being supplied to Uzbekistan will be 2.5 cents.

Recall, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan take the next step in resurrecting the Central Asian unified power grid after months of diplomacy.

Tajikistan began supplying Uzbekistan with electricity in early April this year.  The energy trade across the Tajik-Uzbek border has resumed after a nine-year interruption.  Specifically, Tajikistan has begun supplying Uzbekistan with electricity via a power line running from the Regar substation, near the city of Tursunzoda west of Dushanbe, to the Gulcha substation across the border in Uzbekistan.

Tajikistan has sufficient summer-time (defined as May 1 to September 30) hydropower surpluses to export to the neighboring countries.