The Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan advises drivers of Tajik trucks stranded on Iran-Turkmenistan border to use alternate roads to return home. 

The Transport ministry’s website says that over the past several days, passage of Tajik trucks through Turkmen territory has been restricted and dozens of Tajik trucks have been stranded on Turkmenistan’s borders with Iran and Uzbekistan.

In this connection, the Ministry of Transport advises Tajik drivers to go through Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan.  “This road is longer and more expensive but there is no other choice at the moment,” the ministry stresses.

Some sources say that taking Tajik trucks across the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan and from there to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan will cost additional 1,200 U.S dollars for each truck.    

Tajik Ministry of Transport says it has sent a formal note requesting clarification for the cause of that blockade to the Turkmen side through Tajik Foreign Ministry but they have not yet received an official response.

According to some sources, more than 100 Tajik trucks have been stranded at the Lutfabad-Artyk border crossing point (BCP) on the Iranian-Turkmen border.