The main assistant of the republic is Russia.

This year, 54 countries of the world helped Tajikistan. The humanitarian aid sent by them for eight months has reached on the sum about $ 30 million.

The volume of humanitarian aid received was about 20 thousand tons. The republic received flour, vegetable oil, medicines and others, the statistical agency reports..

Among the donor countries, Russia accounts for the largest share in the cost of humanitarian aid (18.7%).

Then followed by China (13.4%), France (9.3%), India (8.6%), Turkey (8.3%), Switzerland (8%), Kazakhstan (7.5%), (4.1%), Belgium (3.9%), Germany (3.5%), Denmark (2.1%), the Czech Republic (1.9%), Belarus (1.7%), Poland (1 , 5%), the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea (1.4% each), Finland and Israel (0.8% each), Japan (0.6%), Thailand (0.5%), Latvia (0.4% ) and others, the statistical department report.

Last year, Tajikistan received humanitarian aid from 58 countries around the world for a total of about $ 74 million.

The comparatively large donor of the republic last year was China, which accounted for 32.2 percent of the total volume.

In 2016, Tajikistan received humanitarian aid worth 55 million 800 thousand dollars, which was provided by 55 countries. Almost half of total aid in 2016 accounted for Russia (25.9%) and China (24%).