Relatives of an air hooligan who was detained on August 29 say he is suffering from a mental disorder and ask not to insult him.  

The air brawler was identified as Davlatqadam Davlatqadamov, and his relatives are concerned that social networks visitors have begun insulting him. 

His junior brother Shams says Davlatqadam is suffering from a mental disorder.

According to him, Davlatqadam is 25 years old.  He was born in the Rushan district of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).  

“Davlatqadam graduated from the Omsk Aviation Technical School,  In order to continue studying at the higher courses of the Russian civil aviation he had to be citizen of the Russian Federation.  He does not have the Russian citizenship, and therefore, he failed to enter the higher courses, and this probably affected his mental condition.  We received news about his illness two weeks ago and we asked our friends to send him to Dushanbe.  The illness probably aggravated during the flight,” Shams said.  

Therefore, Davlatqadam’s relatives apply to all with solicitation not to insult him.  

As it had been reported earlier, citing Russian Investigative Committee, Russian news agency TASS reported on August 29 that a passenger on the Moscow-Dushanbe operated by Ural Airways, Tajik national, 25, has attacked an air hostess.  He was reportedly also threatening passengers that allegedly there is a bomb onboard.  

The pilot-in-command decided to return to the airport of departure in Zhukovsky and hand over the ‘air hooligan’ to the law enforcement authorities.  

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against the air brawler under the provisions of Article 213, Part 1, of Russia’s Penal Code -- hooliganism committed on air transport; an investigation is under way.