Ahliddin Yatimov - the father of 33-year-old Mohira Yatimova, who was killed by her ex-husband, hopes for a fair trial.

«I trust in trial and justice in the case of murder of my daughter», - he said in an interview with "AP".

He expressed gratitude to the leadership of the republic, law enforcement bodies, the media for the prompt response to the investigation into the death of his daughter.

«What happened at the time of my daughter's murder in her ex-husband's house was filmed by CCTV cameras and the video was attached to a criminal case, I hope that this record in court will be an irrefutable proof of the innocence of Mohira», - Yatimov noted.

He hopes that the trial of his former son-in-law will take place in an open regime and the media will be admitted to the process.

«I hope the trial of Shirinov will be a lesson for those who believe that the law is not written for them», - Yatimov said.

Recall, the Dushanbe prosecutor's office completed the investigation of the criminal case of the murder of 33-year-old Mohira Yatimova, it was sent at the beginning of last week to the court of the city of Dushanbe. The ex-husband of the murdered Bobodzhon Shirinov sits on the dock. He is charged under Article 104 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Tajikistan (murder committed with particular cruelty).

Bobodzhon Shirinov is currently in the Dushanbe Pre-trial Detention Center.

33-year-old Bobodzhon Shirinov, ex-secretary of the Supreme Economic Court of Tajikistan, was detained on suspicion of killing his ex-wife Mohira Yatimova. In the evening of June 6, during a quarrel, he stabbed his former wife. Mohira Yatimova was taken with stab wounds to the city hospital, where she died of her injuries.

The reason for the conflict between divorced in 2016 Mohira and Bobodzhon were children and property. Two of the three children of the couple lived with their father, one with mother.

Bobodzhon Shirinov is the son of General Rajabali Shirinov, former deputy director of the Agency for State Financial Control and Fight against Corruption of Tajikistan.