Dushanbe will host the fifth summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA).  

Delegations of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cambodia, China, Egypt, India Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Vietnam are expected to participate in the upcoming CICA summit, an official source at the Dushanbe mayor’s office told Asia-Plus in an interview. 

According to him, traffic will be restricted in the downtown Dushanbe during the summit.  “Traffic along Roudaki, Ayni and Ismoili Somoni avenues as well as Ahmadi Donish and Nizami Ganjavi streets will be restricted,” the source said, noting that only buses and trolleybuses will be permitted to run along their routes in the central part of Dushanbe. 

Preparations for the CICA summit are under control of Dushanbe Mayor Rustam Emomali, the source added. 

Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) is a multi-national forum for enhancing cooperation towards promoting peace, security and stability in Asia.  It was initiated by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in 1992.  In 1996, seventeen states participated in the conference and drafted the basic document.  The first meeting of the CICA Ministers of Foreign Affairs was held on 14 September 1999 with participation of 15 Member States. The Declaration on Principles Guiding Relations between CICA Member States was adopted at that meeting.  The first CICA summit was held in 2002.

CICA member states now include Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Iceland, India, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nauru, Norway, North Korea, Pakistan, Palau, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, South Korea, Russia, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

At a meeting of CICA foreign ministers that took place in September 2018 on the sidelines of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, the chairmanship of the forum for 2018-2020 moved from China to Tajikistan.