Tajikistan intends to arrange transit of its export goods through Chabahar Port located in southeastern Iran.

Iranian media reports say this issue was discussed at a meeting of Tajik Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Muhriddin with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that took place in Tehran on June 2. 

In the course of the talks, Tajik foreign minister reportedly asked for cooperation in Iran's southeastern Chabahar Port as a great trade zone for international cooperation.

The Iranian president, for his part, reportedly said that Chabahar Port can be the best and safest route for transit of Tajik goods.

Iranian president's website quoted Hassan Rouhani as saying that Tehran has always been after stability, security and progress in Tajikistan.

President Rouhani also said Iran is ready to provide Tajikistan with engineering and technical services in order to cooperate on implementation of Tajik projects.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian president talked of the issue of the fight against terrorism, saying today, terrorists have pulled out of Iraq and Syria, but there is concern that the terrorist groups could start their activities from Central Asia and the Caucasus, according to IRNA.

Experts believe that Chabahar Port can reduce expenses for transit for Tajikistan's commodities.

Recall, Tajik Foreign Minister Sirodjidin Muhriddin arrived in Tehran on an official visit on Friday (May 31).  During his stay in the Iranian capital, the Tajik top diplomat held talks with high-ranking Iranian state officials including President Hassan Rouhani, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian.

Recall, relations between Tajikistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran became weak four years ago after years of cordial ties.

In early days of this year, several Iranian and Tajik officials announced that their relations are getting warm.

Tajik Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Muhriddin told reporters in Dushanbe on February 12 that there is no political question remained unsolved between Dushanbe and Tehran.

In mid-February, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said that Tehran is eager to further expand ties with Dushanbe as it considers its ties with Tajikistan as “familial”.

“Relations between Iran and Tajikistan are deep and based on shared and old roots. Such bonds, which are legacies of the remote past, cannot be ignored,” Qassemi said.

“Iran has not and is not supporting any group that acts against Tajikistan’s legal bodies and has always sought good and brotherly relations with that government. For us, the independence, territorial integrity and national sovereignty [of Tajikistan] and friendly and brotherly relations between the two governments are a basic priority and principle. We consider our relations with the Tajik government as familial,” he highlighted.

Chabahar Port is a seaport in Chabahar located in southeastern Iran, on the Gulf of Oman.  It serves as Iran's only oceanic port, and consists of two separate ports named Shahid Kalantari and Shahid Beheshti, each of which has five berths.