By president’s decree Abdurahmon Qodiri has been relieved of his post of governor of the Sughd province.  Rajabboy Ahmadzoda, formerly head of the State Committee on Land Management and Geodesy, has replaced Abdurahmon Qodiri as the governor of the Sughd province.

Prime Minister Qohir Rasoulzod introduced Ahmadzoda to the Sughd administration as the new governor of the province on January 13.  Asadullo Rahmon, the Adviser to the President for Personnel Issues, also attend the ceremony.

According to Asadullo Rahmon, Abdurahmon Qodiri was relieved for age reasons, Muzaffar Yunusov, a spokesman for the Sughd administration told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

Rajabboy Ahmadzoda had served as the head of the State Committee on Land Management and Geodesy since March 2016.  Before that, Ahmadzoda had served as mayor of Khujand, the capital of the Sughd province. 

Rajabboy Ahmadzoda was born in Khujand on September 16, 1971.  He graduated from the Kazakh Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology in 1993 and the Russian Academy for Public Service (RAGS) in 2010.  

Recall, reported on November 20 that marriage between President Emomali Rahmon’s eldest granddaughter and the grandson of the governor of the northern Sughd province Abdurahmon Qodiri ha folded northern Tajikistan’s elite into presidential family.

Sources in the northern city of Khujand told that the marriage took place on November 19 and the ceremony was held at the Arbob Cultural Palace

On the bride’s side, the parents are one of Rahmon’s daughters, Firouza, and Mahmadzoir Sohibov.

Sohibov, the father of the bride, does not formally hold a government position, but he is said to have financially lucrative tobacco and jewelry interests, according to

Most of Rahmon’s in-laws are from his native south (Kulob region) and this is the first known occasion in recent times in which the presidential family has married such a visible representative of a northern clan, says.