Dushanbe residents will turn their city into one of the most beautiful and developed cities, the president said.

The President, speaking on September 9 at the celebration of the 27th anniversary of independence of Tajikistan in the capital “Navruzgoh”, expressed admiration for how the image of the Tajik capital has changed in recent years.

"It is gratifying that during the years of independence the appearance of the capital of the Tajik state - Dushanbe, has radically changed, and as a result of the universal labor and patriotic spirit of the inhabitants, generous businessmen gain a new strength in the work of improving and ennobling the city", - Emomali Rahmon noted in his speech, the text of which is given by the press service of the head of state.

The President is convinced that the opening of industrial enterprises and shops, repair and reconstruction of roads and service infrastructure contribute to the rapid development of Dushanbe.


"Construction with the observance of high national and modern architectural art of objects and buildings, reconstruction and renovation of streets, squares and parks give the city a unique beauty ", - stressed the head of state.

Emomali Rahmon hopes that the residents of Dushanbe will continue to "exert a strong civil feeling and pride in their sovereign state for greater acceleration and expansion of works on improving the capital".

He is sure that the residents of Dushanbe will turn their city into one of the most beautiful and developed cities, and "will prove that Tajiks have been famous for their traditions of town-planning and town-building since ancient times ".

" I deeply believe in the inexhaustibility of patriotism and the creative potential of our people, in the high culture and aestheticism of the inhabitants of the capital ", - - Emomali Rahmon said.

He expressed confidence that "the residents of Dushanbe will work together and united in the name of strengthening the independence of the Motherland, development of the state, preservation of peace, tranquility, political stability and national unity".

" Let, thanks to independence, our dear capital, the political, scientific and cultural center of the country become even more beautiful and comfortable. Let the independent Tajikistan and the city of Dushanbe, as the pivot of peace and stability, become the pride of all Tajiks ", - the president said.