The previously set deadline was to end on August 15.

The Government of Tajikistan decided to extend the deadline for re-registering SIM cards on ID-passports until December 31, this was reported by a source in the government.

Earlier, the Tajik Interior Minister Ramazon Rakhimzoda said at a meeting with reporters that despite the fact that the working hours of passport offices were extended until 22:00, they do not have time to issue ID-passports to all citizens before the deadline - by August 15 so that residents re-register their sim cards.

"Passports of 1996 sample are valid, no one canceled their validityBy order of the government, only subscribers of mobile companies must re-register existing SIM cards with ID passports», - stressed the minister.

The communications service used to say that it could extend the deadline for re-registering SIM cards with ID-passports.

According to a previously adopted government decree “On the Procedure and Requirements for Connecting to Electrical Communication Networks and the Provision of Services Related to It” (dated April 30, 2016), which entered into force on February 15, all mobile operators subscribers must re-register their SIM cards with ID passport sample 2014.

In this regard, huge queues formed in passport offices.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has officially announced that it can issue only 50 thousand ID-passports per month. Later, the Ministry of Internal Affairs extended the working day of the passport departments until 22:00, so that citizens had time to re-register their SIM cards until August 15.