The President of Tajikistan, having handed over the building of the Training Center of the Border Troops of the State Committee for National Security of the Republic of Tajikistan in Khorog on September 14, said that over the past two decades, during the defense of the constitutional order, ensuring the peaceful life of the population, the stability of the country, as well as during the antiterrorist operations, 131 officers and soldiers of the Border Troops were killed.

"The state, the government of the country and the people of Tajikistan will never forget their good names, heroism and selflessness, - Presidend said. - The government of the country always appreciates the selfless service of servicemen, law enforcement personnel, special units and take necessary measures to improve their social status".

As an example, he said that only in the past three years 688 families of servicemen of the Border Guard Troops and other military structures received apartments, as well as thousands of plots of land for the construction of housing.

According to the President, over the past 10 years, the salaries of servicemen of the Border Troops have increased 22 times, over the past two years 26 officers and soldiers for their loyal service to the people and the Motherland, courage and heroism have been awarded the highest state awards. We will continue to take care of servicemen in the future, that is, to create decent conditions for them.

"I have said many times and once again I want to repeat that we created the Frontier Forces along with other troops of the Armed Forces in the most difficult historical period of our country, when there were no basic conditions and material and technical base. Today, with satisfaction and pride, we can note that the Frontier troops, as one of the achievements of the independence period, have turned into an organized, well-functioning and reliable structure to guard the borders of the Motherland", - Emomali Rahmon noted.

The President noted that in the period of independence of the country, 3 regional administrations, 17 border detachments, 2 special forces, the Frontier Institute, a separate air squadron, 7 border commandant's offices, 158 border patrols, 34 border posts, 4 training centers, 3 military hospitals and 5 military units of technical support were created.

"The commanders, officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces, including the Border Troops, must perform their direct duty to protect the state and protect the borders of the Motherland, and attach special importance to the selection and placement of personnel, to raising the level of professionalism, combat training, physical and spiritual training of personnel , especially when it comes to recruits", - Emomali Rahmon noted in his speech.