At the joint exercises launched on September 18, the Tajik and Uzbek military, along with light weapons, used unmanned aerial vehicles, tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopters and mortars, said the chief of the press center of the Ministry of Defense of Tajikistan, Major Orif Nozimov.

«To detect the location of the conditional terrorists leaking into the territory of the Fergana Valley, unmanned aerial vehicles were used, then at the place where the fighters were concentrated, air strikes were struck by Uzbek helicopters H215 (Airbus Helicopters) and Tajik Mi-8», - said Nozimov.

Tajik T-72 tanks, Uzbek armored cars, joint mortar groups inflicted ground strikes on "terrorists".

Special forces of the defense departments of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan surrounded the area of the "militants" cluster and finally liquidated them together with the base.

«In total, about 600 servicemen of two states take part in joint exercises», – отметили вМинобороны Таджикистана.

The first in the history of joint military exercises of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are held at the military range "Chorukhdayron" of Sughd region.

Today, within the framework of the above-mentioned exercises, the leadership of Sughd, towns and districts of the region in one of the shooting ranges of the "Nurafshon" training center will demonstrate their skills in conducting fire from Kalashnikov rifles and Makarov pistol