DUSHANBE, August 24, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Further development of Tajikistan’s energy sector is connected with construction of dams and hydropower facilities, and therefore, the issue of safety of dams and hydropower plants under construction is very topical for Tajikistan, independent Tajik expert Rustam Haidarov told Asia-Plus, commenting on a meeting for dam safety cooperation in Central Asia that will be held in Almaty on August 27.

According to him, the meeting should attract interest of Tajik organizations responsible for the country’s energy sector.

“Even if Tajik specialists do not intend to participate in this meeting that is dedicated to work out regional dam safety cooperation agreement, they should attend it as observers,” said Haidarov, “Lately, only the president has been coming out for protection of geo-economic interests of Tajikistan, which are connected with further development of the country’s hydropower engineering.  Meanwhile, we do not hear voices of other Tajik officials for protection of our hydroelectricity projects.”

The expert noted that Tajikistan should use any tribune or event to protect its hydroelectricity projects and each Tajik official and national should do what they can to promote implementation of these projects.

“Proceeding from abovementioned, one may say with confidence that the Almaty meeting is one of events for Tajik experts to express their opinion,” he said.