DUSHANBE, August 26, Asia-Plus  -- Under an agreement between energy companies of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Tajikistan supplies 500 million kWh of electrical power to Uzbekistan in August-September this year at 1.5 cents per 1 kWh.

“By this agreement Tajikistan pursues purely economic goals; however, there also political elements,” independent Tajik expert Shokirjon Hakimov said in an interview with Asia-Plus.

“In early summer, the president ordered relevant ministries and organizations to take all necessary measures to ensure introduction of a three-shit system at industrial enterprises during the summer period,” said the expert, “However, due to low demand for their products both in domestic and external market, this order has not been fulfilled, therefore we are forced to sell surplus electricity even at low prices.  We sell electricity to Uzbekistan at 1.5 cents per 1 kWh, while current price for residential customers is 7.5 dirmas (equivalent to 1.6 cents).  Of course, this is in contrary to national interests of Tajikistan, but there is no other way out of the situation.”

According to him, the Uzbek side should appreciate this agreement and make concessions to Tajikistan in the winter period, reviewing prices for its natural gas and electrical power being supplied to Tajikistan in autumn-winter period.

“We and Uzbeks should realize that our cooperation in all directions should be built on the basis of neighborliness, without interference of third countries,” Hakimov said.

In the meantime, according to Barqi Tojik power holding, Tajikistan has supplied more than 400 million kWh of electricity to Uzbekistan so far.