DUSHANBE, February 15, 2011, Asia-Plus -- The International Labour Organization (ILO) and its tripartite partners in Tajikistan (government, employer’s organizations and republican trade unions) have recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the Decent Work Program (DWP) for 2011-2013, the ILO national coordinator in Tajikistan Sobir Aminov said.

According to him, the Decent Work Program is dedicated to help tackle a broad range of social and labor problems facing Tajikistan.

“The program is aimed at determining priorities in accordance with the country’s socioeconomic development program, implementation of which is of interest both for the government, employer’s organizations and trade unions on the one side and ILO on other side,” said Aminov, “The program priorities include improving capacities of the tripartite partners to regulating key issues of the labor sphere through social dialogue and improvement of labor and employment conditions as well as expanding social protectability of employees.”

The main goal of the program is to promote further development of social and labor sphere in the country aimed at attaining the goal of Decent Work for all.  The program is natural and logic continuation of the previous cooperation programs between Tajikistan and ILO.

According to Aminov, the current situation in the labor market of Tajikistan and lack of new jobs is compensated, to a considerable degree, by the labor migration that has widely developed in recent years.  “Labor migration, however, is the problem affecting all spheres of life in the country,” said the ILO national coordinator, “That is why the International Labour Organization will provide assistance to its partners in developing opportunities of adequate employment for men and women as well as returning labor migrants in the framework of the new program.”