The reason for the social network unblocking remains incomprehensible, however, as well as the lock itself: Communication service does not comment.

Facebook has been blocked in the republic for more than a month. Now it is available again without a proxy and VPN.

The reason for unlocking, as, indeed, the lock itself, remains unknown. Access to the social network was limited in early August, a few days after the terrorist attack in Dangara District of Tajikistan. By the way, many anonymizers were also blocked, by means of which it was possible to access blocked sites.

Meanwhile, the website of the media group Asia-Plus is still blocked.

Last week, "Asia-Plus" appealed to the Communications Service under the government, as well as to all providers with a request to explain the reason for blocking our Internet resource. At the moment, the response came only from the companies "Babilon" and "Beeline", who stated that they were not involved in blocking the site. The Communication service did not answer us yet.

At the moment, in addition to the website of the media group Asia-Plus - and video hosting YouTube, other information portals, social networks and other Internet resources operate in open access.

Blocking of websites in Tajikistan has been practiced for several years, but recently this phenomenon has become stable.

Recently, in an interview with AP, the acting US ambassador to Tajikistan, Kevin Covert, noted:  «The United States believes that citizens should have free and open access to information and news, including independent media organizations such as Asia-Plus, and social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. Government actions to block access to independent sources of information restrict freedom of speech and open dialogue, which are necessary for the development of a dynamic and open society».