The UN has made Tajikistan a group of countries with an average level of human development: the republic is on the 127th place among 189 countries in the United Nations published September 14 report "Indices and indicators of human development".

Authors of the report assessed the countries on four parameters: life expectancy, expected and average duration of training, gross national product per capita.

Among the countries of Central Asia, Kazakhstan is ranked relatively high (58th), which is included in the group of countries from 59 countries with a very high level of human development.

Uzbekistan (105th place), Turkmenistan (108th place) and Kyrgyzstan (122nd place), as well as Tajikistan, are in the group of countries with an average level of development.

Three of the leaders were formed by Norway, Switzerland and Australia. The top ten also included Ireland, Germany, Iceland, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore and the Netherlands. Russia is on the 49th position.

Outsiders ranked Southern Sudan, CAR and Niger.

The authors of the report note that many countries continue to actively develop.

«Of the 189 countries for which the human development index is calculated, 59 countries are in a very highly developed group and only 38 are in the low HDI group. Eight years ago, in 2010, the ratio was 46 and 49 countries respectively», - the report says.