The cost of water introduced a special coefficient to support the "Dushanbevodokanal", and now for the water have to pay 2.34 somoni.

From October 15, the price per one cubic meter of water for the population, taking into account the special coefficient, will be 2.34 somoni per meter with counter and 8.42 - if there are no counters.

Recall, on the eve the press service of the mayor's office reported that in Dushanbe from October 15, will raise water prices for the population and commercial organizations.

The decree "On tariffs for water supply and sewerage" was signed on September 17 by the chairman of the city Rustam Emomali.

As specified in the SUE "Dushanbevodokanal", from October 15, one cubic meter of water will cost 0.78 somoni (0.58 - drinking water + 0.20 - sewage), but it will be necessary to pay 2.34 somoni.

“The cost of water will eventually be 2.34 somoni, taking into account the coefficient of 3. Residents, who have a counter installed, will pay 2.34 somoni per cubic meter for water and sewerage, and those who do not have a counter for one member of the family will pay 8.42 somoni per month”, - said in SUE.

Coefficient 3, according to the source, was introduced to support the SUE "Dushanbevodokanal" and price adjustment.

«When counters were installed in houses, and the population began to pay for actually used water in cubic meters, "Dushanbevodokanal" suffered losses. To support the "Dushanbevodokanal", the mayor's office decided to add a coefficient 3.», - said Deputy Chairman of SUE "Dushanbevodokanal" on economy, Nematullo Abdulloev.

Taking into account this coefficient, commercial organizations, including embassies and diplomatic missions, will pay for one cubic meter of water and sewerage 6,73 somoni. For budget organizations, the cost of water will increase from January 2019 - 1 cubic meter of water will cost 2,66 Somoni.

"Prices are coordinated with the Antimonopoly Service under the government of the country" - the message says.

Before that, the population paid 0.625 somoni for one cubic meter of water, budget organizations 1.97 somoni, and commercial organizations - 5.38 somoni

Also, according to the decision of SUE "Dushanbevodokanal" is entrusted to ensure the installation of meters for water consumption for 55% of the population of the capital until the end of 2018 and until November 2019 - more than 85%, to carry out a calculation for the actual consumption of drinking water and the use of sewerage.

As reported in SUE "Dushanbevodokanal", counters for the population will be installed free of charge.