HIV testing being conducted among high school students in Dushanbe, Kulob and Tursunzoda has reportedly revealed cases of HIV infection among them.  The exact test results will not yet been published.  

Dilshod Saiburhonov, the deputy director of the Republican AIDS Center, says, “We just have preliminary results but we cannot yet publish them.  The school students who have been tested positive for HIV should undergo the three-stage test and only after that we will be able to assess the test results and publish them.” 

Because of explanatory work carried out among parents, the test period was delayed and it was extended until March 15, Saiburhonov added.  

Recall, high school students in Dushanbe, Tursunzoda and Kulob are being tested for HIV.  In all, 118,719 school students are planned to be tested for HIV.

HIV testing is reportedly being conducted among school students in the cities of the risk zone in accordance with protocol order No 4 adopted by the government on April 27, 2018.   

The testing is being financed by the government, and in all, 118,718 school students (grade 1 to 11) will be tested for HIV, including 20,846 school students in Kulob, 32,306 students in Tursunzoda and 68,406 students in Dushanbe.