About 10,000 guests are expected to arrive in Nurek together with President Emomali Rahmon for Navrouz festival.  

Residents of Nurek will receive about 10,000 guests at their homes on March 20, according to the Nurek mayor’s office. 

“This initiative has been undertaken by local authorities and the majority of residents of the city have supported it,” an official source at the Nurek mayor’s office told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

Recall, President Emomali Rahmon will arrive in Nurek on March 20 to attend celebrations dedicated to the Navrouz festival.

A theatrical show with participation of Tajik known artistes will take place at the central square of Nurek. 

While in Nurek, the head of state will also get acquainted with the socioeconomic situation of the city and inaugurate a number of new economic and social facilities in the city

Nurek is a city in the Khatlon province.  It is situated on the Vakhsh River, 885 m above sea level, and is 70 km southeast of Dushanbe.  As of 2018, It has a population of 30,000.  Besides, about 29,300 people live in villages subordinate to the city. 

The city was founded in 1960 alongside the construction of Nurek Dam, which was completed in 1980.