The “Yaghnob” National Natural Park will be created in Ayni district of Sughd province.  A government’s decree on this subject was issued in early May.  

The Park will be created for the purpose of preserving and rehabilitating natural complexes having special environmental value, preserving cultural heritage (objects of ethnographic, archeological, historical and natural landscapes), developing ecological tourism and promoting sustainable use of natural resources.   

The Yaghnob Valley is a valley in north-west Tajikistan, between the southern slope of the Zarafshon Range and the northern slope of the Hisor Range.

The valley is formed by the Yaghnob River and belongs to the Zarafshon basin.  It lies between 2,500 and 3,000 meters above sea level and is virtually inaccessible for six months of the year.

The valley is home to the Yaghnobi people, a people directly descended from the ancient Sogdian civilization of Central Asia. Due to its natural isolation and limited infrastructure access, the people of Yaghnob Valley have been able to preserve their distinct lifestyle, culture and language, Yaghnobi, which is closely related to ancient Sogdian.