According to Sayora Saidova, widow of Major Abdujabbor Halimov, who was killed during a riot at a high-security penal colony in Vahdat, says that nobody is interested in the fate of their family and they have no means of livelihood.

Three guards, including Major Abdujabbor Halimov, were killed during a riot that broke out in penal colony No 3/2 n Vahdat Township on May 19.  Now his family cries for help.  

Halimov’s widow, Sayora Saidova, says nobody is now interested in the fate of their family and they have no means of livelihood.  She does not how to move on with their life without the breadwinner. 

Recall, the Tajik authorities says the violence was instigated by four inmates -- alleged members of the Islamic State (IS) terror group -- who wanted to create chaos, free several of the fellow members of various militant groups from their cells, and escape.

Five inmates were reportedly stabbed to death by the rioters, while 24 inmates – alleged participants of the disturbances – were killed in the effort to quell the violence. 

The violence at the Vahdat facility was the second prison riot in Tajikistan in six months.  Dozens of people were killed in violence in a high-security penal colony in the northern city of Khujand in November last year.  Suspected IS supporters convicted of religious extremism and terrorism were reportedly behind the unrest in Khujand.

Following the November violence, Tajik authorities fired several prison officials, while several others went on trial on negligence charges.

Some 30 inmates from the Khujand prison were tried behind closed doors for their alleged participation in the November riot.