Russian media reports say that the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov has pointed to the necessity of tightening border regime in order to prevent attempts by terrorists to penetrate into Russia.

The terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg showed that work on counterterrorism in the Russian Federation does not fully meet the existing threats, the FSB Director also the Chairman of Russia’s National Antiterrorist Committee (NAC) Alexander Bortnikov said yesterday at the meeting of the NAC.

“The investigation into St. Petersburg subway blast showed that the work still does not fully meet the basic threats posed by international terrorist organizations,” said Bortnikov.

He stressed that increased attention should be paid to strengthening border regime on the state border of the Russian Federation, control of traffic flows to restore order in the area of migration, autopsy and suppressing channels of financing and the resource support of terrorism, illegal trafficking of weapons and explosives.

The FSB chief pointed to the necessity of increasing responsibility of officials overseeing compliance with immigration laws, and businesses that use migrant labor.