Citing the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD), media reports say cruise missiles launched by the Russian Navy hit a number of ISIS targets in Palmyra, Syria, Wednesday.

The strikes reportedly targeted militant ISIS "shelters" east of the ancient city, which housed heavy equipment and militant troops transferred from ISIS' de facto capital Raqqa.

“The Admiral Essen frigate and Krasnodar submarine of the Russian Navy conducted strikes by four Kalibr cruise missiles on objects of the ISIS terrorist grouping near Palmyra from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea,” the MoD statement said.  “All targets have been hit.”

The US, Turkish, and Israeli militaries received appropriate warning in advance of the missile launches through active hotlines, the Defense Ministry added.

RT news agency says the Russian Navy also fired Kalibr cruise missiles on militant positions in Syria last year.  The Black Sea Fleet carried out three cruise missile strikes on terrorist targets in Syria back in August, destroying a command post and munitions production site.  The missiles, which targeted Al-Nusra Front positions, flew over unpopulated areas, the Russian military said.

In October of 2015, four Russian Navy warships reportedly fired a total of 26 missiles from the Caspian Sea at positions of the Islamic State terror group in Syria.