Taliban shadow district governor and two Taliban militants have been killed while returning to Shohada district from Wardoj district.

TOLONews reports that Badakhshan police chief said security forces confronted the Taliban in Shohada district Wednesday night.  

“Mohammad Sangaryar, Taliban’s shadow district governor, and two Taliban militants were killed in the clash while other Taliban militants escaped the area,” Badakhshan police chief Saber Aryan said.  

“The clash between the security forces and the Taliban lasted for nearly half an hour and (once it was over) the forces discovered the bodies of Sangaryar and two other Taliban with weapons,” he said, adding that there were no casualties among security forces.

Mohammad Sangaryar was a resident of Shohada district and was the shadow governor by the Taliban for the district.  He was involved in many attacks against security forces in Wardoj and other districts of Badakhshan.