Moscow with 51.3 scores is at the bottom of the ranking of the world’s most reputable cities. It has ranked the last 56th on a new ranking of the world’s most reputable cities.  The list is the Reputation Institute’s 2018 City RepTrak®, considered “the world’s largest annual survey of city reputation.”

Although Moscow is this year’s least reputable city, it maintains a strong reputation among the Russian population.

Meanwhile, the Russian city of St. Petersburg has ranked 43rd on the Reputation Institute’s 2018 City RepTrak®.

Tokyo, Sydney and Copenhagen claimed the top three spots as the world’s most reputable cities in Reputation Institute’s 2018 City RepTrak®, the world’s largest annual survey of city reputation.  These cities are joined by Vienna, Stockholm and Venice, collectively comprising six cities with excellent reputations this year.

The top ten cities in the 2018 City RepTrak are: Tokyo; Sydney; Copenhagen; Vienna; Stockholm; Venice; Rome; Zurich; Munich; and Montreal.

Among reputation leaders, Copenhagen is recognized this year as the world’s safest city. In reputation rankings, it is #1 for the safest environment for residents and tourists, #2 for well-developed political and legal institutions, and #3 for progressive policies.

Reputation Institute’s 2018 City RepTrak shows safety, beauty and perceptions of leadership drive intent to live, work, buy-into, study, visit, invest and host events in the locations.  For the first time in seven years, safety surpassed beauty as the premier attribute driving reputation.  The top three key attributes driving city reputation in 2018 are safety, beauty and leadership, which together comprise 32.7% of a city’s reputation.

The results revealed in the 2018 City RepTrak show that cities with the highest reputations are attracting the most visitors, gain the greatest support from their stakeholders, including intentions to live, work, invest and organize and attend events in the locations. 

City RepTrak is a global survey based on more than 12,044 individual ratings, collected in the G8 countries, which ranks the world's 56 most reputable cities based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect.  Perceptions regarding 13 attributes are grouped into three dimensions: Advanced Economy, Effective Government and Appealing Environment. Cities with strong reputations are perceived positively in all three dimensions.

Reputation Institute powers the world’s most reputable companies.  By mining media conversation and measuring stakeholder perceptions, it unleashes the power of reputation intelligence to build better companies.  Its RepTrak® model analyzes the reputation of cities, countries, people, and companies and is best known as the Forbes-published Global RT100.