Afghan media reports, citing local officials, say an Afghan army helicopter carrying 25 people crashed in western Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing all those on board. 

Naser Mehri, a spokesman for the governor of western Farah province, said two army helicopters were on their way to neighboring Herat province when one lost control.

TOLONews, citing Noorulhaq Khaliqi, a spokesman for the ground forces unit of 207 Zafar Military Corps, reports that Farid Bakhtawar, head of Farah Provincial Council had been on board along with a member of the council, Jamila Amini, and Nematullah Khalil, the deputy commander in chief of 207 Zafar Military Corps.

According to Naser Mehri, the aircraft crashed due to “bad weather” in Anar Dara district, which borders Iran.

Farah provincial council member Dadullah Qaneh said the helicopter hit a mountain peak in poor weather en route to neighboring Herat province.

Meanwhile, the Taliban claimed its militants shot down the helicopter in Farah province's Anar Dara district.

Senior government and military officials reportedly often travel by helicopter in regions where the Taliban has a large presence.